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Watch Senate WebTV live and enjoy the convenience of watching television online for free. Stay up-to-date on Senate sessions and follow the most important policy discussions from the comfort of your device.
Senato TV is an online television channel that offers live coverage of the proceedings of the Senate of the Republic, Italy's legislative assembly. This channel has revolutionized the system of access to the Palace, making it possible for all citizens to watch television online for free and actively participate in the political life of the country.

Before the advent of Senato TV, access to the Senate and its work was mainly reserved for journalists from the Parliamentary Press. Only they had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the debates, votes, and decisions made by senators. This exclusivity limited the democratic participation of citizens, who could only rely on information provided by the mainstream media.

Today, thanks to Senate TV, every citizen can watch online television for free and follow the work of the Senate live. This means that anyone with an internet connection can access the channel and be a direct witness to the discussions and decisions made by senators. There are no longer any barriers or filters between citizens and politics, but total transparency that encourages democratic participation.

This democratization of access to the Senate building has brought numerous benefits. First, citizens have the opportunity to be informed in real time about what is happening in the Senate, without having to wait for reports from journalists. They can form their own opinions and make informed political decisions.

In addition, Senate TV promotes transparency and accountability of politicians. Knowing that they are being watched by a wide audience, senators are incentivized to behave ethically and work more responsibly. This channel provides an opportunity for citizens to keep an eye on their representatives and evaluate their performance.

Senate TV is an example of how technology can be used to promote democratic participation and access to information. Thanks to this channel, every citizen can feel part of the decision-making process and actively contribute to the political life of the country.

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