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Watch the Tiankov folk TV channel live and watch TV online with the latest folk performances and amazing music shows. Enjoy the live performances of your favorite artists and discover new talents in the world of Bulgarian folk music.
The "Tiankov Folk" and "Tiankov Orient Folk" TV channels are two popular music TV channels that focus on contemporary and authentic Bulgarian folklore in seven folklore regions - Thrace, Strandzha, Dobrudja, Rhodope, Severnyashka, Chopska and Pirin. They offer viewers the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich genre diversity of Bulgarian folklore.

The programmes of the TV channels "Tiankov Folk" and "Tiankov Orient Folk" are monothematic and focus on the musical and entertainment presentation of Bulgarian folklore. Viewers have the opportunity to watch live performances of famous and talented artists, as well as enjoy music videos with popular songs of the genre.

Tiankov Folk and Tiankov Orient Folk TV programmes strive to be informative and provide viewers with up-to-date information on events related to Bulgarian folklore. They show interviews with well-known performers, short reports from folklore events and concerts, as well as introducing new and talented performers.

One of the great advantages of these TV channels is that they offer the possibility to watch live online. This means that viewers can watch the shows on TV even when they are not in front of their TV. They can enjoy their favorite shows from anywhere and at any time using mobile devices or computers.

For fans of Bulgarian folklore, the TV channels "Tiankov Folk" and "Tiankov Orient Folk" are an indispensable source of entertainment and information. They provide the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and varied music of Bulgarian folklore, as well as to learn more about the traditions and culture of the different folklore regions in Bulgaria.

If you are a fan of Bulgarian folklore or just want to enjoy beautiful music, do not miss the opportunity to watch the TV channels "Tiankov Folk" and "Tiankov Orient Folk". Watch TV online and immerse yourself in the magic of Bulgarian folklore.

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