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Watch live TV online TV BG+ - your choice for a quality TV experience. Enjoy your favourite programmes, sporting events and news while always keeping up to date with the latest TV trends.
TV BG+ is a multithematic TV channel that strives to support Bulgarian folklore, traditions, history, spirit and culture. With its content and programmes, the channel aims to contribute to the second Bulgarian revival by creating an island of positivism, patriotism, spirituality and education in love for Bulgaria and its people.

Nowadays, when commercial, scandalous and destructive media enter our homes and have a great influence on society, BG+ TV strives to offer something different. It hopes to be a true alternative and an oasis of positive information by offering programmes that promote Bulgarian values and encourage patriotism and love of country.

The main goal of BG+ TV is to help build a united, stable, successful, positive and beautiful Bulgaria. Through a variety of programs and columns, the channel seeks to build unity and solidarity among Bulgarian society by educating civic responsibility and calling for the preservation of our traditions and cultural heritage.

BG+ creates Bulgarian presentation formats that present live Bulgarian culture, music, dance and crafts. They aim to introduce viewers to the richness and diversity of Bulgarian culture and inspire them to appreciate and preserve it.

The internet presence of BG+ TV enables any user to watch TV online and enjoy its content at any time and in any place. This offers convenience and freedom to viewers who can tune in to the channel's programmes and enjoy Bulgarian culture at their convenience.

BG+ TV also supports Bulgarian artists and authors by providing them with a platform for expression and promotion. Through special programmes and interviews, the channel showcases the talents and achievements of Bulgarian artists and creates opportunities for them to be discovered and appreciated by a wider audience.

BG+ TV is truly passionate about Bulgaria and Bulgarian culture. It strives to be an agent of positive change and contribute to building a better and stronger nation. With its content and programmes, BG+ TV brings us back to our roots and inspires us to be better and prouder Bulgarians.

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