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Watch live Tezaur TV, the TV channel that brings you the most valuable cultural shows and events. Discover the richness of our national heritage and enjoy our authentic programmes, broadcast in real time. Be connected to the tradition and beauty of Romania by watching Tezaur TV live!
Tezaur TV has become available in the Digi Arad programme grid, being introduced on the 506 MHz frequency. This is great news for folk music lovers in the Arad region and beyond.

Although Tezaur TV has a licence with regional coverage for the counties of Arad, Timiș, Caraș-Severin, Hunedoara, Alba, Sibiu, Bihor, Gorj and Mehedinți, it can now also be watched in Arad. Thus, folk music fans now have a new option to enjoy live broadcasts and concerts.

Tezaur TV is a TV channel specialising in Romanian popular music and broadcasts from Lipova, a town in Arad county. Here, viewers can listen to songs performed by established artists such as Anca Pantiru, Claudia Ionas, Gabriela Nistor, Laura Lita, Petrică Miuțescu Irimică or Marian Cozmă. These artists bring the traditions and beauty of Romanian folk music into the homes of viewers.

From now on, with the help of Digi Arad, those who want to watch live broadcasts and concerts on Tezaur TV can do so more easily. With the introduction of the channel in the programming grid of this TV provider, viewers in Arad can access the 506 MHz frequency and enjoy the content offered by this TV channel.

Tezaur TV is an important source of promotion of Romanian popular music and artists in this field. Over the years, this TV channel has brought to the public's attention the talent and passion of some folk music performers, thus contributing to the preservation and promotion of our traditions. Through live broadcasts and concerts, Tezaur TV offers an authentic and exciting experience for lovers of this musical genre.

Thus, those who are interested in Romanian folk music and want to watch live broadcasts and concerts can turn to the Tezaur TV channel and access the 506 MHz frequency via the Digi Arad programme grid. So, folk music fans now have a new option to enjoy the performances of established artists and discover new talents in this field.

Tezaur TV continues to bring the beauty and authenticity of Romanian folk music into the homes of viewers. Through the channel and its live broadcasts, folk music fans can live unique experiences and discover new talents.

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