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Watch live TV and enjoy live broadcasts offered by TVR Craiova channel. Discover the latest news, events and entertainment programmes in real time, straight from the small screen. Keep up to date with everything happening in Craiova and its region through this exciting TV channel.

TVR Craiova is one of the leading TV channels in the Oltenia region, offering a wide range of local, national and international programmes and news. The station was established on 1 December 1998, based in Craiova, and is part of the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation.

One of the main advantages of TVR Craiova is its coverage of 7 counties in the Oltenia region: Dolj, Gorj, Olt, Vâlcea, Mehedinți, Argeș and Teleorman. This allows it to reach a large number of viewers and provide quality information and entertainment in these areas.

TVR Craiova is a generalist channel, which means it is aimed at all audiences. Here, viewers can find news programmes, entertainment shows, films, series, current affairs programmes, documentaries and much more. Thus, TVR Craiova aims to satisfy all tastes and preferences of its viewers.

Another important aspect of TVR Craiova is the fact that through the productions broadcast by TVR 3, it also addresses the national audience. Thus, viewers from all over the country can watch local programmes and news from the Oltenia region, giving them a wider perspective on events and issues in the area.

TVR Craiova operates in a regional media market where competition is fierce. However, the channel has the advantage of being the only TV channel covering editorial in the Oltenia region. This gives it a unique position and a great responsibility towards viewers, as it is the main source of information and entertainment for them.

Another interesting aspect of TVR Craiova is the fact that it broadcasts live broadcasts and news, which means that viewers can always be up to date with the latest events in the Oltenia region and throughout the country. Through live broadcasts, viewers can watch sporting events, press conferences, shows and many other highlights.

In addition to local programmes and news, TVR Craiova also produces local programmes focusing on issues and events in the Oltenia region. These broadcasts are an excellent way to promote local culture, traditions and values, while providing a space for the local community to express itself.

In conclusion, TVR Craiova is an important TV channel in the Oltenia region, offering a variety of local, national and international programmes and news.

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