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Watch TVR 3 live and enjoy our varied and exciting programmes. Find out the latest news, explore our culture and traditions and stay connected with important events in Romania and around the world. Discover TVR 3, the TV channel that keeps you always on your toes. Watch TV live and keep up to date with everything that's happening!
TVR 3 is the third Romanian TV channel, launched on 10 October 2008 at 20:00 Romanian time. It is part of the TVR network and consists of the production of the territorial studios TVR Cluj, TVR Craiova, TVR Iași, TVR Timișoara, TVR Târgu Mureș and TVR București. TVR 3 channel has a content specific to the life of local communities, broadcasting programmes specially designed for these communities.

One of the distinctive features of TVR 3 is the live broadcasting of local and regional events. Through this channel, viewers can watch live important events taking place in different cities and regions of Romania. This offers the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest news and events in various communities.

To facilitate access to live content, TVR 3 also offers an online platform where viewers can watch live TV. This is a great way to connect directly with events and keep up to date with what's happening in different local communities.

TVR 3's main goal is to inform the population and viewers about regional and local issues. The channel aims to bring to the fore issues relevant to communities, such as economic development, social, cultural and educational issues, as well as common traditions and values.

Through its programmes, TVR 3 promotes Romania's cultural and ethnic diversity, highlighting traditions and customs specific to each region. This gives viewers the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of the country and to better understand the particularities of each community.

TVR 3 is dedicated to local communities and is designed to give them a voice in the media. Through its broadcasts, TVR 3 tries to reflect the everyday life of people in different regions of the country, focusing on their problems and needs.

Over the years, TVR 3 has become a trusted source of information and entertainment for its viewers. Through its varied programmes and live broadcasts, the channel succeeds in creating a strong connection between viewers and local communities in Romania.

In conclusion, TVR 3 is a TV channel that brings to the forefront the life of local communities in Romania. Through its programmes, viewers have the opportunity to watch live events and connect with the traditions and shared values of these communities.

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