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TVR Targu-Mures

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Watch TVR Târgu-Mureș live and enjoy your favourite programmes in real time. Discover the latest news, exciting shows and local events by watching TVR Târgu-Mureș live. Always be connected to quality information and top entertainment!
TVR Târgu Mureș is a regional television channel that is part of the Romanian Television Society (TVR) and broadcasts in central Transylvania, with its regional headquarters in Târgu Mureș. This TV channel is one of the most important means of information and entertainment for the inhabitants of this region.

The TVR studio in Târgu Mureș offers 38 hours of broadcasting per week in Romanian, Hungarian and German. This linguistic diversity reflects the multicultural character of the region and aims to meet the needs of all communities in the area. Viewers are thus able to watch programmes and news in their mother tongue, which helps to preserve and promote cultural identity.

An important aspect of TVR Târgu Mureș is that half of the programmes broadcast are dedicated to minorities in the region, which is made up of the counties of Alba, Brașov, Covasna, Harghita and Mureș. This initiative aims to provide a platform of expression and visibility for these communities, as TVR Târgu Mureș plays a crucial role in promoting cultural and linguistic diversity.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that most of the programmes dedicated to minorities are subtitled in Romanian. This facilitates dialogue and understanding between the different communities in the region, thus encouraging tolerance and mutual respect.

One of the advantages offered by TVR Târgu Mureș is that the programmes can be watched live. This means that viewers can keep up to date with the latest news and events in their region, regardless of the language they speak. Through live broadcasts, TVR Târgu Mureș brings information, entertainment and connection to the local community into viewers' homes.

To facilitate access to TVR Târgu Mureș content, viewers have the possibility to watch the channel live on the TVR Live platform. This online service allows watching your favourite shows from any internet-connected device, offering flexibility and convenience.

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