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TVR Cultural
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Floarea nopţii, noul serial coreea de la TVR1
Floarea nopţii, noul serial coreea de la TVR1
Poesis: Mihai Beniuc - De câte ori, iubito... de Mihai Eminescu (@Arhiva TVR)
Poesis: Mihai Beniuc - De câte ori, iubito... de Mihai Eminescu (@Arhiva TVR)
Trauma din patul conjugal / Trauma in the marital bed, a documentary on domestic violence in romania
Trauma din patul conjugal / Trauma in the marital bed, a documentary on domestic violence in romania

TVR Cultural Live Stream

Watch TVR Cultural live and enjoy quality educational and cultural programmes. Discover Romania's art, history and cultural heritage in an exciting way. Keep up to date with the latest cultural events and watch TVR Cultural live to connect with the artistic and intellectual world.
TVR Cultural is a Romanian TV channel owned by Romanian Television, focusing on cultural broadcasting. The channel was launched on 26 April 2002, but unfortunately it was closed on 15 September 2012 due to the financial crisis that affected Romanian television at that time. However, in 2022, the channel was relaunched, giving viewers the opportunity to enjoy high-quality cultural content again.

TVR Cultural stands out for its unique profile in the Romanian media landscape. The channel aims to build bridges between tradition and modernity, conservatism and progressivism, rural and urban, peripheral and central. Through the programmes it broadcasts, viewers have the opportunity to explore and better understand the Romanian and universal cultural heritage.

One of the outstanding features of TVR Cultural is the live broadcasting of important cultural events. This means that viewers have the opportunity to watch theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions and other special events in real time. Through these live broadcasts, the channel offers audiences an authentic and interactive experience, bringing cultural events into viewers' homes.

TVR Cultural also offers the possibility to watch live television via their online platform. This means that viewers can access the channel's content anywhere and anytime, just by having an internet connection. This option is extremely convenient for those who cannot be in front of the TV during live broadcasts but still want to be connected to the cultural content offered by TVR Cultural.

Through its programmes, TVR Cultural covers a wide range of cultural topics. These include programmes on art, literature, music, theatre, film and more. The channel consistently delivers fresh and diverse content, providing a rich and engaging cultural experience for viewers.

TVR Cultural plays an important role in promoting and preserving Romanian cultural heritage. Through its programmes, the channel showcases talented artists, outstanding cultural events and places of cultural interest across the country. In this way, TVR Cultural contributes to the preservation and promotion of Romanian cultural values, thus helping to understand and appreciate them.

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