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Watch live TV online DSTV - your trusted partner for uninterrupted streaming of your favourite programmes and events. Discover a wide selection of channels and enjoy an exciting variety of programmes available at the touch of a button.
DSTV Music TV was founded by popular singer Desi Slava and started its operations on 6 June 2010. Seeking to fill the void of a Bulgarian music channel that does not differentiate and divide musical styles, DSTV aims to support Bulgarian artists and provide viewers with a diverse and quality music programme.

The DSTV team is made up of highly qualified professionals who are charged with innovative ideas. They strive to offer viewers not only popular hits, but also to discover and introduce new talent and unknown genres. This is what makes the channel unique and different from other music channels in Bulgaria.

DS studio, which is part of the DSTV music television, offers professional photography, video recording, editing and video production. The studio develops creative and imaginative concepts tailored to the specificity and diversity of clients' businesses and goals.

DSTV viewers have the opportunity to watch TV online and enjoy the live music program. The channel offers variety shows, concerts, interviews and music videos. Viewers can enjoy popular Bulgarian and foreign songs from various music genres - from pop and rock to hip-hop and electronic music.

DSTV is also notable for its active participation in events and concerts by Bulgarian artists. The channel supports young talents and provides opportunities for musicians to perform in front of a larger audience.

DSTV music television has become popular among young people and music lovers who seek variety and quality in music programming. Watching TV online allows viewers to enjoy their favourite songs and artists anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, DSTV is a music channel created by the singer Desi Slava that seeks to fill the void of a Bulgarian music channel that does not differentiate and divide musical styles and supports Bulgarian artists. The channel offers a diverse and quality music program that can be watched live and online. DSTV is where music converges and brings people together.

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