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Tiankov Orient folk

Tiankov Orient folk Live Stream

Watch live TV online Tiankov Orient folk - the best channel for enjoying authentic folk music and culture from the East. Discover the rich palette of artists, dances and traditions that come alive on our airwaves. Enjoy a unique experience and enter the world of folk with us.
The Tiankov Orient folk TV channel is one of the leading specialist channels in Bulgaria that focuses on music programming in a variety of formats. Launched in 2014, the channel is broadcast on cable and satellite, offering its viewers the opportunity to enjoy live performances and concerts of the most famous folk artists.

Media executives are becoming increasingly convinced that specialised programming is the future of electronic media. The trend of global formats shows that viewers are increasingly looking for specialised channels to suit their particular interests and preferences. "The Tiankov Orient folk TV channel is one of the first channels in Bulgaria to commit to this concept.

Owned by Po Tiankov Folk, the channel exclusively broadcasts folk music, offering its viewers a wide range of performances, concerts and special shows. Thanks to its HD broadcasting, the channel provides viewers with incredible image and sound quality that brings them into the heart of each performance.

The channel is headquartered in the Plovdiv village of Topolovo, where the channel team works hard to offer viewers the best possible experience. In order to meet the needs of today's viewers, the "Tiankov Orient folk TV channel" also offers the option of live online viewing, allowing viewers to enjoy their favorite shows and performances anywhere, anytime.

Watching TV online, viewers have the opportunity to actively participate in the channel's program by commenting and sharing on social networks their impressions and opinions. This creates a closer bond between the channel and viewers, engaging them and enabling interaction.

The Tiankov Orient folk TV channel is developing on the principle of the specialised format, focusing on music programmes in various forms. With its quality programmes and outstanding performances, the channel is attracting more and more viewers who are looking for an alternative to standard TV programmes. By choosing the "Tiankov Orient folk TV channel", viewers enjoy a wide selection of folk music and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of live performances.

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