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TeleElx is your favorite TV channel where you can enjoy your favorite shows live. Don't miss the opportunity to watch free internet TV and keep up to date with the latest news, entertainment and sports. Tune in to TeleElx and live the best TV experience from the comfort of your home!
TeleElx is much more than just a television channel. Founded in 1987, this local news agency has become a reference in the city of Elche and throughout the Valencian Community. Over the years, TeleElx has evolved and adapted to changes in technology and media consumption, becoming a complete multimedia platform.

Currently, TeleElx has a television channel, a radio station, a news website and a mobile application, as well as a strong presence in social networks. This broad media offering allows users to access TeleElx information and entertainment from any device at any time.

TeleElx's programming is based primarily on local news content. The agency strives to offer its viewers and listeners comprehensive coverage of current affairs in Elche, ranging from political and economic news to events and cultural happenings. In addition, TeleElx is also concerned with historical dissemination and has specialized programs on the cultural heritage of the city.

But TeleElx is not only limited to information. It also offers a wide variety of entertainment programs, cultural and sports platforms. Viewers can enjoy current affairs magazines, cooking programs, spaces dedicated to cinema and theater, as well as live broadcasts of local sporting events. In this way, TeleElx becomes a complete media that covers all aspects of life in Elche.

In addition, TeleElx maintains its public service vocation. The agency strives to offer independent and rigorous information, based on the veracity of the facts and respect for journalistic ethics. TeleElx is concerned with giving a voice to all sectors of society and making visible the problems and needs of the community of Elche.

In short, TeleElx is much more than a television channel. It is a local news agency that has adapted to the new times and offers a wide range of media. Its programming focuses on local information, but also includes entertainment programs, cultural and sports platforms. TeleElx has become a benchmark in Elche and throughout the Valencian Community, thanks to its commitment to quality and public service.

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