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Watch TV online with TVR live streaming. Discover a multitude of varied and exciting programs broadcast in real time on our TV channel. Enjoy an immersive viewing experience wherever you are, thanks to our online streaming. Don't miss any more of your favorite programs, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of TVR, just a few clicks away.

TVR is a local French TV channel that was launched in March 1987 under the name TV Rennes. It was inaugurated at its launch by the President of the Republic, making it the first local TV channel created in France.

TVR 35 Bretagne, as its name suggests, is a TV channel that mainly covers the Brittany region. It is broadcast via the digital terrestrial television network in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine, as well as in 75% of Côtes d'Armor and on the south coast of La Manche. However, it is also easily accessible via live streaming on the Internet.

What sets TVR apart from other local TV channels is its programming variety. Indeed, the channel offers a wide variety of content to suit all audiences. Whether you're interested in news, culture, sports or entertainment, you're sure to find something to your liking on TVR.

As far as news is concerned, TVR covers local and national events, with an emphasis on topics affecting the Brittany region. So you can keep up to date with the latest news near you.

When it comes to culture, TVR offers programs devoted to Breton heritage, music, cinema and literature. You can discover local artists and take part in the cultural life of the region.

If you're a sports fan, TVR also broadcasts local sporting events such as soccer, rugby and handball matches. You'll be able to cheer on your favorite teams and keep up with all the action.

Finally, if you're simply looking for entertainment, TVR offers a variety of entertainment programs, such as game shows, talk shows and TV series. You'll be able to relax in front of your screen and enjoy an entertaining evening.

In conclusion, TVR is a local French TV channel offering a wide variety of programming to suit all audiences. Whether you're interested in news, culture, sport or entertainment, you're sure to find something to your liking on TVR. Don't hesitate to watch it live on the web so you don't miss any of your favorite programs.

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