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TV Manabita is a live TV channel offering entertainment and news from the region of Manabí. Watch free online TV with TV Manabita! Enjoy the best TV shows, news, local information and much more.
Televisión Manabita is an Ecuadorian regional television channel, created in 1995. It began broadcasting on July 7, 1995, with 18 hours of programming per week. It was the fifteenth regional channel in the country, after Telecosta created in 1972, Telecuenca created in 1975, Teletrece created in 1976, Televicente created in 1977, Telefuturo created in 1978, Teleamazonas created in 1979, Teleantioquia created in 1980, Telecaribe created in 1981, Telecafé created in 1982, Telsur created in 1983, Telepacífico created in 1984, Telesur created in 1985, Telecristal created in 1986, Televisa created in 1987 and Televisión del Sur created in 1989.

Televisión Manabita is an open-signal regional television channel, with a varied programming for all tastes. It offers entertainment, informative, educational, sports and cultural content. The channel has a live signal to watch television on the Internet for free. This signal is available on the channel's official website, where users can watch live programs.

In addition to the live signal, Televisión Manabita has a deferred television programming, so that users can watch the programs at their convenience. The channel also offers exclusive content for its web platform, such as news, reports, interviews, entertainment programs, series, documentaries and much more.

Televisión Manabita is a regional television channel that offers quality content for all tastes. The channel has a live signal to watch TV online for free, as well as exclusive content for its web platform. It is an excellent option to enjoy entertainment, information, education, sports and culture.

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