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Watch Milanow TV live and enjoy free online television. Find out the latest news, sporting events and entertainment programs on our TV channel.
Milanow Tv - Gruppo Mediapason is an Italian regional TV channel offering a wide range of content for the regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. Owned by Sandro Parenzo, the channel boasts ten different TV channels that cover the diverse needs and preferences of local viewers.

Among the group's flagship channels are Telelombardia and Antennatre, which offer a wide range of locally themed programs and news services. These channels are accompanied by a series of local news channels that provide real-time updates on events affecting local communities.

Heading the channel's programming schedule is Fabio Ravezzan, who is responsible for ensuring quality programming and variety to meet the needs of viewers. With a main office in Milan's Bovisa area at 21 Via Colico, Milanow Tv has seven television studios that allow for live broadcasts and offer high-quality content.

One of the advantages offered by Milanow Tv is the ability to watch television online for free. Thanks to its online presence, the channel offers viewers the opportunity to access their favorite content whenever and wherever they are. This allows people to follow their favorite broadcasts even when they are on the move or when they do not have access to a traditional television.

Milanow Tv's presence is particularly appreciated by residents of the Lombardy and Piedmont regions, who can count on a channel dedicated to their specific needs and interests. Thanks to its wide range of programs and services, Milanow Tv has become a reference point for viewers seeking quality content and updates on what is happening in their region.

In conclusion, Milanow Tv - Mediapason Group is an Italian regional television center offering a wide range of content for the regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. With its ten television channels, including Telelombardia and Antennatre, the channel is committed to providing quality programming and comprehensive coverage of local news and events.

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