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Kanal 15 is one of Turkey's leading television channels broadcasting live. With its wide broadcast network and quality content, it offers viewers the latest news, entertainment programs and popular series. By watching Channel 15 live, you can have a pleasant and informative television experience.
Channel 15, Burdur's first local television channel, operates under Bucak TV Publishing. The channel is very popular as it is the oldest broadcasting platform in Burdur province. Continuing with the same broadcasting policy since its first establishment, Kanal 15 aims to convey the problems of the people of the region on a national scale.

Located in a region where agriculture is intensively practiced in and around Burdur, Kanal 15 attaches particular importance to agricultural programs. The agricultural sector is one of the pillars of the regional economy and Kanal 15 aims to find solutions to farmers' problems by sharing information and experience in agriculture. Topics such as developments in the agricultural sector, marketing of agricultural products, new technologies used in agriculture are included in Kanal 15's programs.

Kanal 15 not only covers the problems of Burdur, but also those of neighboring provinces and districts. While social, economic and cultural issues of the region are covered in Kanal 15's news programs, news from neighboring provinces are also conveyed to viewers. Thus, Kanal 15 ensures that the people of the region are informed about current issues.

Channel 15's broadcasting center is located in Buçak district of Burdur. Buçak is one of the most important districts of Burdur and Kanal 15 provides a closer service to the region thanks to its broadcasting center established in this district. The broadcast center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and live broadcasts are also carried out. In this way, viewers can follow important events and news instantly.

Since the day it started broadcasting, Kanal 15 has gained the trust of the people of the region and has a wide audience. Being the oldest local television channel in the region gives Kanal 15 a privilege. By continuing to be the voice of the region, Kanal 15 aims to announce the problems and demands of the people on a national scale. In this way, Kanal 15 contributes to the development of the region and listens to the voice of the people.

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