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Discover TV8 Moselle, your favorite regional TV channel available in live streaming. Don't miss any more programs and enjoy the possibility of watching TV online, wherever you are. Follow local news, cultural and sports programs, as well as the events that shape Moselle. With TV8 Moselle, stay connected to your region and live your passions online.

TV8 Moselle-Est is a local TV channel located in the eastern Moselle department of France, on the German border. With a maximum length of 2500 characters, let's explore this public-initiative, local and regional medium.

TV8 Moselle-Est presents itself as a public-initiative television station, meaning that it is supported by local authorities. Its aim is to showcase all aspects of local initiatives and players. By focusing on local subjects, TV8 Moselle-Est offers a real proximity to the people and events taking place in this part of Moselle.

The channel plays an essential role in disseminating local news and events. It enables local residents to keep abreast of the news that concerns them directly. By highlighting local initiatives, TV8 Moselle-Est helps to promote the region's dynamism and know-how. Viewers can discover the shops, associations, businesses and projects that bring the region to life.

TV8 Moselle-Est's editorial line is clearly focused on local initiatives and players. The channel covers a wide range of subjects, from the local economy to cultural events and solidarity initiatives. It also gives a voice to local residents, enabling them to express their views on issues that affect them.

Thanks to a team of enthusiastic journalists and technicians, TV8 Moselle-Est offers varied, high-quality programming. Viewers can enjoy reports, interviews, debates and documentaries that showcase the region's riches. The channel is also committed to promoting local talent, with programs showcasing the region's artists and creators.

As well as broadcasting on the small screen, TV8 Moselle-Est is also present on social networks and on its website. This digital presence enables TV8 Moselle-Est to reach a wider audience, including local residents who are not necessarily in front of their television sets. Internet users can replay programs and interact with the channel.

In conclusion, TV8 Moselle-Est is a genuine local TV channel, highlighting local initiatives and players. Thanks to its locally-focused editorial line, it enables residents to stay informed and discover the riches of their region. With its varied, high-quality programming, TV8 Moselle-Est showcases the dynamism of the eastern Moselle department.

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