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France 3, the essential French TV channel, offers you the chance to watch TV online via live streaming. Discover a wide range of programs, from news to series, documentaries and cultural programs. Don't miss any of your favorite programs, and enjoy the flexibility of watching France 3 wherever you are, thanks to our live Internet streaming. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of France 3 and enjoy a unique television experience online.
France 3 is a French general-interest television channel that occupies an important place in the French audiovisual landscape. Part of the France Télévisions group, it succeeded France Régions 3 on September 7, 1992. With its regional vocation, France 3 distinguishes itself from the group's other TV channels by offering varied and diversified programming that highlights France's cultural and regional specificities.

France 3's visual identity is recognizable by its blue identifying color, present throughout its on-air packaging. This allows viewers to easily recognize it within the public television group. Indeed, France 3 is France's fourth largest channel in terms of audience, which testifies to its popularity with the French public.

France 3 is broadcast on a variety of media, including DTT, satellite, cable, IPTV and the Web. This ensures maximum accessibility for viewers, who can choose the viewing mode that suits them best. What's more, the channel is also available in certain neighboring countries, and some of its programs are picked up by TV5 Monde, helping to spread the wealth of French culture internationally.

France 3 offers a wide range of programming for a broad audience. Entertainment programs, series, documentaries, news magazines, sports broadcasts and cultural events are broadcast throughout the day. This diversity means that everyone can find programs to suit their tastes and interests.

What makes France 3 so special is its commitment to showcasing the French regions. Indeed, the channel offers numerous programs dedicated to discovering the regions, their heritage, culture and traditions. Programs such as "Des racines et des ailes" and "Faut pas rêver" allow viewers to travel across France and discover its hidden treasures.

France 3 also places great emphasis on regional news. News programs are broadcast daily, highlighting current events in France's different regions. This allows people in each region to keep abreast of what's happening near them.

In conclusion, France 3 is a French general-interest TV channel that stands out for its regional vocation and diversified programming. With its blue identifying color, it is easily recognizable and occupies an important place in the French audiovisual landscape.

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