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Watch France 5 live streaming and enjoy the diversity of its programming through your screen. This TV channel lets you watch TV online, wherever you are, and discover a variety of programs ranging from captivating documentaries to engaging debates and quality series. Don't miss any more programs thanks to France 5 live streaming!
France 5, formerly known as La Cinquième, is a French public service television channel. It has been broadcasting since December 13, 1994, and is part of the France Télévisions group. The channel's distinctive feature is its commitment to education and the sharing of knowledge.

France 5's programs are mainly magazines and documentaries. The channel offers a wide variety of educational and informative programs, enabling viewers to learn while being entertained. Documentaries cover a wide range of subjects, including nature, history, science, culture and much more. These programs allow viewers to deepen their knowledge in various fields and discover new perspectives.

Education plays a central role in France 5's programming. The channel offers programs specifically dedicated to children, providing them with age-appropriate educational content. Viewers can also find programs for teenagers and young adults, tackling current affairs and social issues.

Sharing knowledge is another of France 5's objectives. The channel gives the floor to numerous experts, researchers, scientists and specialists in their respective fields. These contributors bring their expertise and experience to enlighten viewers on a variety of subjects. This approach fosters dialogue and understanding between the various players in society.

France 5's identifying color within the public television group is green, which can be seen throughout its on-air packaging. This color symbolizes the environment, nature and education, values dear to the channel. It also sets the channel apart from the other France Télévisions channels, each of which has its own visual identity.

Over the years, France 5's programming has gradually focused on documentaries and magazines. This orientation has given France 5 a unique identity and sets it apart from other general-interest channels. The documentaries broadcast are often award-winning and recognized for their quality. They raise public awareness of important issues and provoke reflection.

France 5 is a French general-interest public service television channel, distinguished by its commitment to education and the sharing of knowledge. Its magazine and documentary programming allows viewers to learn and be entertained at the same time. Thanks to its varied, high-quality programs, France 5 contributes to the enrichment of knowledge and the development of intellectual curiosity.

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