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Kanal T is one of Turkey's leading TV channels broadcast live. Offering a wide range of content to its viewers with news, sports, magazine and entertainment programs, Kanal T attracts attention with its up-to-date and quality broadcasts. Offering its viewers the opportunity to watch live TV from anywhere at any time, Kanal T has a large audience with its popular programs. Informing, entertaining and informing its viewers with live broadcasts, Kanal T is one of Turkey's most preferred television channels.
Kanal t Television, one of Turkey's leading television channels, started broadcasting on 01.03.2007. The channel's slogan and principle is "the choice of a clean society". In line with this principle, the programs and content in the channel's broadcast stream are prepared in accordance with the values of society and respectful of moral rules.

Since the first day of its broadcasting, Kanal t has reached a wide audience, especially among Turks living in Europe and Turkic Republics. This can be explained by the adoption and preference of the channel's broadcasting policy and content by the viewers. Kanal t attracts viewers with programs reflecting Turkish culture and makes them feel at home.

The technical infrastructure of Kanal t is considered superior to the infrastructure of many national televisions broadcasting in Turkey. This gives the channel the advantage of being able to stand out in the broadcasting stream and constantly progress. Equipped with high quality image and sound systems, Kanal t offers viewers a better viewing experience.

Kanal t Television includes various program types in its broadcast stream. Programs in different categories such as news, series, movies, documentaries, sports and entertainment programs offer viewers a wide choice. In addition, the channel also interacts with viewers through live broadcasts. Especially live broadcasts such as sports matches and special events increase the excitement of viewers and keep them glued to the screen.

Kanal t Television also achieves successful results in viewership surveys conducted across our country. In the researches conducted, it was seen that the channel's viewership rate reached 70%. This shows that the channel attracts and is preferred by viewers with its broadcast quality and content diversity.

In conclusion, Kanal t Television started its broadcasting life with the slogan and principle of the choice of a clean society and has gained a wide audience to date. The superiority of its technical infrastructure and the diversity of its broadcast stream are among the factors that support the channel's success.

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