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Kanal 32 is one of Turkey's leading live TV viewing platforms. Offering quality and up-to-date content to its viewers with its wide broadcast network, Kanal 32 offers rich program options in news, sports, entertainment and many other categories. Offering the opportunity to be watched from anywhere at any time thanks to its live broadcast feature, Kanal 32 aims to provide its viewers with an uninterrupted and high quality TV experience.
Kanal 32, Isparta's first local television channel, was established in 1992. Since then, Kanal 32 Television, which has a wide range of broadcasts by broadcasting 24 hours a day without interruption, broadcasts in many different genres from news to music and entertainment programs.

Kanal 32 provides viewers in and around Isparta with live broadcasts of current news, local events, sports news and many other important information. News programs reach viewers with quality content prepared and presented by experienced journalists. Thus, the people of Isparta can access current news and follow important developments around the clock.

Kanal 32 attaches importance not only to news but also to music and entertainment programs. Programs that are appreciated by young people and music lovers reach viewers through live broadcasts. Content such as concerts, music events and artist interviews occupy an important place in Kanal 32's broadcasting schedule. Thus, viewers can keep their finger on the pulse of the music world and watch their favorite artists in live performances.

Kanal 32 is not limited to local broadcasts. Since January 27, 2014, it has also been broadcasting on the Turksat 3A satellite. In this way, people living outside Isparta can also access Kanal 32's programs and follow local news. Türksat 3A satellite enables Kanal 32 to expand its audience and reach more people.

Kanal 32 offers its viewers a quality and reliable television experience through live broadcasts. While watching Kanal 32, viewers can follow current news and have a pleasant time with music and entertainment programs. Kanal 32 Television is proud to be Isparta's first local television and continues its broadcasting life without interruption.

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