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Prime is a TV channel from the Republic of Moldova, which retransmitted Russian ORT / Channel One programs until 2019. It has been one of the most popular TV channels in Moldova, offering a wide range of programs and shows for all tastes.

One of the remarkable aspects of Prime TV channel is that some of the programmes and feature films rebroadcast are subtitled in Romanian. This was an inspired choice as it allowed the audience to enjoy the diverse content offered by the channel.

An important moment in the channel's history was in 2008, when Prime became the exclusive broadcaster of all European Football Championship (EURO-2008) matches in Moldova. This was great news for Moldovan football fans, who were able to watch their favourite matches live.

Prime is also the organiser of the first reality show in Moldova, called "Star Factory". It was a resounding success, attracting public attention and generating heated discussions among viewers. This reality show was an opportunity for talented young Moldovans to demonstrate their artistic skills and fulfil their dream of becoming stars.

The Prime TV channel also launched its own programme, which covered various topics of interest. These include Autoworld, a programme dedicated to car enthusiasts, Culinary Prompter, which offers cooking tips and recipes, Family Health, which covers family health topics, Direction Everywhere, which presents tourist destinations and travel tips, and Plants and Animals, which explores the fascinating world of plants and animals.

An interesting aspect of the Prime TV channel is that it offers the opportunity to watch live broadcasts. This means viewers can keep up to date with the latest events and watch their favourite shows and programmes in real time.

In conclusion, the Prime TV channel in Moldova has succeeded in offering the public a variety of interesting programmes and shows. From football matches and reality shows to lifestyle programmes and documentaries, Prime has had a significant impact on Moldovan television. With the ability to watch live broadcasts and access Romanian subtitled content, Prime TV has become a preferred source of entertainment for many viewers.

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