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Experience first-class television with 3Sat! Watch the live stream and enjoy first-class cultural programs online.

3Sat is an outstanding German-language public television program that stands out for its cultural diversity. As an advertising-free channel, 3Sat is operated as a joint venture by ZDF, ORF, SRG SSR (represented by Swiss Radio and Television), and the state broadcasters of ARD. ZDF is the lead broadcaster and houses the broadcasting center with studios for in-house productions in Mainz.

3Sat was born in 1984, with the introduction of new technical possibilities at the time, in order to offer high-quality programming with a focus on culture. Since then, 3Sat has established itself as one of the leading cultural broadcasters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What makes 3Sat special is the close cooperation between the participating broadcasters. Through this partnership, viewers can enjoy a varied program that covers a wide range of cultural topics, documentaries, concerts, theater performances, literature, science and much more.

The absence of advertising allows viewers to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of culture undisturbed and without interruptions. 3Sat offers a wide range of programming that combines education, information and entertainment at the highest level.

Whether live broadcasts of concerts and festivals, gripping documentaries about cultural phenomena or captivating plays - 3Sat presents programming that celebrates the diversity of culture and inspires viewers.

Through the online live stream, viewers can also experience 3Sat via the Internet and enjoy high-quality cultural content conveniently from anywhere. 3Sat thus stays up to date not only in traditional television, but also digitally, to enrich its audience with the best cultural highlights.

With its unique cultural profile and wide range of premium content, 3Sat remains an indispensable source of education, inspiration and entertainment. The partnership of the broadcasters involved and the pursuit of the highest quality make 3Sat a distinctive station that celebrates cultural diversity in Germany and beyond.

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