TV channels Austria

ATV Mediathek
ATV Mediathek
3.0 from 5 23 vote(s)
ATV Mediathek - Watch live stream and TV online. Experience a wide range of exciting programs on Austria's first private TV channel. Enjoy the...
HT1 Hausruck
HT1 Hausruck
3 from 5 20 vote(s)
HT1 Hausruck - Watch live stream and TV online. Learn exclusively about positive developments of clubs, organizations, business and communities from...
3.2 from 5 4 vote(s)
K-TV - Watch live stream and TV online. K-TV is a Catholic television station characterized by its loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church and dedicated...
Krone TV
Krone TV
3.1 from 5 19 vote(s)
Krone TV - Watch live stream and TV online. Krone.TV is the media library of the popular Kronenzeitung, Austria's largest circulation tabloid...
2.7 from 5 4 vote(s)
KT1 - Watch live stream and TV online. KT1 offers a current and diverse program from the areas of culture, sports, economy, politics, news,...
3.5 from 5 10 vote(s)
LT1 OÖ - Watch live stream and TV online. LT1 is an Austrian private TV station based in Linz. As the largest regional broadcaster in Austria, LT1 is...
Mühlviertel TV
Mühlviertel TV
2.5 from 5 8 vote(s)
Mühlviertel TV - Watch live stream and TV online. Mühlviertel TV is an Austrian regional TV station based in Freistadt. Every Friday there is a...
3 from 5 2 vote(s)
Oe24 TV - Watch live stream and TV online. Since 2016, Oe24 TV offers news from the world of politics, sports, the digital world as well as...
3.1 from 5 9 vote(s)
oktoTV - live stream and watch TV online. oktoTV is a private TV station in Vienna that is committed to the participatory idea of citizen TV. The...
2.8 from 5 18 vote(s)
ORF-TVthek - Watch live stream and television online. The ORF-TVthek is the multimedia service of the Austrian public broadcaster (ORF) and provides...
Watch Austrian television online for free! Discover the best TV channels from Austria offering a variety of programs: news, sports, entertainment and more. Get a complete list of popular Austrian TV channels. Discover the best Austrian TV channels, including public broadcasters like ORF 1 and ORF 2 and private channels like K-TV and Oe24 TV.

TV channels from Austria

ORF 1 and ORF 2 are two well-known public television channels that offer a wide range of programming, including news, documentaries, entertainment, and more. If you are interested in sports, you can enjoy live broadcasts on ORF Sport Plus and Servus TV. K-TV is a Catholic channel that offers programs about religion, culture and education. Oe24 TV, on the other hand, is a news channel that offers the latest news from Austria and the world. You can also access other popular Austrian TV channels, such as ATV and 3sat. - are two TV channels that offer a variety of programs, including entertainment, news and sports. 3sat is a German-language television channel that broadcasts in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and offers programs about culture, science and art.

Austrian TV stations online

All in all, watching Austrian television online is a wonderful way to learn about Austria's culture and language, as well as to enjoy a variety of programs. We hope you find something interesting on these TV stations and enjoy watching them!