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M5 TV is a popular TV channel that provides live coverage of various programmes and events. M5 TV is free to watch online, so you can easily enjoy your favourite shows and events anytime, anywhere.
M5 was launched on 6 August 2016 as the third channel of Duna Media after M1 and M2. M5 is Duna Media's educational-dissemination-cultural channel, which aims to spread culture and knowledge to the Hungarian audience.

M5 was originally designated to broadcast M4K in Budapest, a public service channel in 4K resolution. However, it was eventually decided that the M4K transmitter would be available as a regional broadcast over a large area using the modulation and FEC used during the M3D test broadcast, and was therefore launched as M5.

M5 is the home of culture, with a wide range of cultural themes. The programmes will focus on literature, music, film, theatre, visual arts and history. M5 also broadcasts general educational programmes to help viewers expand their knowledge and discover new things.

M5 aims to reach as wide an audience as possible, so live broadcasts and online TV also allow anyone to watch the programmes for free. M5's programmes are both entertaining and educational, offering something for everyone.

M5 plays an important role in promoting culture and education in Hungary. The channel's programmes cover a wide range of topics, so there is something for everyone. The popularity of the M5 channel continues to grow and more and more people are enjoying the cultural and educational programmes that M5 offers.

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