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Elazığ Kanal 23

Elazığ Kanal 23 Live Stream

Elazığ Kanal 23 is a live television channel broadcasting in Turkey. Elazığ Kanal 23, which delivers news, programs and events in Elazığ and surrounding provinces to its viewers with live broadcasts, is an important example of local television. You can visit our website to watch Elazığ Kanal 23 live.
Kanal 23 (RTV 23) is a television channel affiliated to Doruk Medya A.Ş., which has been broadcasting from the province of Elâzığ without interruption since 1994. The channel serves with 43 personnel together with other media organizations such as Radyo FM 23, Radyo Hazar and Radyo Klüp.

While Kanal 23 could only be watched with terrestrial broadcasting in the province of Elâzığ in the first periods of its broadcasting life, today it can also be watched via Türksat 4A satellite. It broadcasts live on the 11509 H (horizontal) frequency of the Türksat 4A satellite with 30000 fec 2/3 values. It can also be watched on the D-Smart platform on channel 154.

Kanal 23 appeals to a wide audience in and around Elâzığ. It offers programs in different categories such as news, sports, culture and arts, entertainment and many more. Especially live broadcasts are one of the most striking features of the channel. News bulletins, discussion programs, concerts and other events are broadcast live.

Despite being a local television channel, Kanal 23 stands out with its quality and professional broadcasting approach. Thanks to its advanced technological infrastructure, it provides uninterrupted and high quality broadcasts. In addition, the fact that it has an experienced and expert team underlines the success of the channel.

Kanal 23 is one of the most watched television channels in and around the province of Elâzığ. The channel, which attaches importance to local news, conveys the developments in the region to viewers in the fastest and most accurate way. It also manages to attract the attention of viewers with various programs.

In conclusion, Kanal 23 (RTV 23) is a television channel that has been broadcasting uninterruptedly from the province of Elâzığ since 1994. The channel, which gives importance to local news, appeals to a wide audience. With its live broadcasts, quality broadcasting approach and experienced team, Kanal 23 is one of the most important media organizations in the province of Elâzığ.

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