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Watch Duna World TV channel live and online for free. Discover a variety of shows, news and documentaries that entertain and inform. Enjoy quality content and follow the latest events via Duna World TV wherever you are.
With the launch of Duna World TV, a public service channel that conveys value and tradition, Duna World offers a new opportunity for Hungarians living overseas and in the Carpathian Basin. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, Duna World aims to inform and provide quality entertainment to Hungarians scattered around the world.

The primary task of Duna World is to strengthen the sense of national belonging in Hungarians living abroad. For those who are far from their homeland, it gives them the opportunity to keep in touch with Hungarian culture and language. In addition, Hungarian communities in the Americas and Australia will find their place through Duna World's programmes.

The Duna World channel plays a particularly important role in live broadcasting, giving members of the largest Hungarian communities living outside Europe the opportunity to participate in events in their home countries, even if they are physically far away from them. Through live broadcasts, Hungarians around the world can connect and enjoy events together.

The Duna World channel also offers the possibility to watch online. People can watch their favourite programmes easily and for free via the channel's website. This is particularly beneficial for people who do not have a traditional TV subscription or for whom the Duna World channel is not available on cable TV.

The Duna World channel is therefore a medium that connects Hungarians around the world. It strengthens the sense of national belonging, allows us to stay in touch with Hungarian culture and language, and allows us to participate in Hungarian events through live broadcasts.

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