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Watch Antenne Réunion live streaming and enjoy your favorite shows online. Discover a wide range of exciting programs, from series to news and entertainment. Don't miss out on local and international news thanks to our online broadcasts. Enjoy the flexibility of watching TV online with Antenne Réunion and immerse yourself in a limitless world of entertainment.
Antenne Réunion is a private French local commercial TV channel broadcasting in the overseas department of La Réunion. Founded in 1991, it quickly became a benchmark in Réunion's audiovisual landscape.

Since January 2, 2019, Mayia Le Texier has been Antenne Réunion's general manager. Her appointment has enabled the channel to renew itself and offer even more diverse, high-quality programming.

Antenne Réunion stands out for its commitment to promoting local productions and those from the Indian Ocean. Indeed, 30% of its programming is made up of regional productions, showcasing Réunion's culture and talent. This approach supports the local economy and gives visibility to artists from La Réunion.

The remainder of Antenne Réunion's programming is made up of purchased programs from major French channels such as TF1, M6 and AB Groupe. These partnerships enable Antenne Réunion to offer its viewers high-quality programs, games, series, fiction, films and even soccer matches.

By broadcasting these programs live or recorded, Antenne Réunion offers the people of La Réunion a complete television experience, with varied content tailored to all audiences. Whether it's magazines, reality shows, series or youth programs, the channel responds to everyone's expectations with a diversified, high-quality offering.

Antenne Réunion is a television channel that has established itself as a key player in Réunion's audiovisual industry. Thanks to its rich and varied programming, it enables the people of Reunion to enjoy themselves, keep up to date and discover high-quality local and regional productions. Under the direction of Mayia Le Texier, the channel continues to evolve and offer ever more attractive and captivating content.

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