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Ribera Televisió

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Discover Ribera Televisió, the live TV channel that allows you to watch TV online for free. Enjoy the most varied and current programming, from local news to quality entertainment. Tune in to Ribera Televisió and experience television like never before, at no cost and from the comfort of your device, don't miss a second of your favorite shows!
Ribera TV is a private television channel that operates in the Ribera region, although its signal also reaches other areas such as l'Horta de València, Camp de Túria, Camp de Morvedre and Foia de Bunyol through the channels València Televisió and Horta Televisió. Despite being a commercial channel, it does not broadcast commercials, which is possible thanks to its association with other media that do broadcast commercials.

The channel began broadcasting in 2003 under the name Canal 6 Ribera Televisió, and kept this name until 2007. However, with the arrival of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in the Valencian Community, Ribera TV decided to bid for a license to broadcast as a regional channel. Thanks to its trajectory and experience, it managed to obtain the license and since 2008 began broadcasting under its current name.

Ribera TV is characterized by offering a varied and quality programming, covering different genres and topics. Its contents include current affairs, news, sports, entertainment and culture programs. In addition, the channel also dedicates an important part of its programming to the broadcasting of events and activities that take place in the Ribera region and surrounding areas.

One of the highlights of Ribera TV is its commitment to the community and its work in promoting the culture and traditions of the area. The channel works closely with different entities and local associations to give visibility to events, popular festivals, festivals and other cultural activities that are part of the heritage of the region.

In addition, Ribera TV has also established itself as a broadcasting platform for local artists and creators, offering spaces dedicated to music, theater, dance and other artistic expressions. In this way, the channel contributes to the development and promotion of local talent.

In short, Ribera TV is a private television channel that has become a benchmark in the Ribera region and other areas of Valencia thanks to its commitment to the community and its dedication to the dissemination of local culture and traditions. Through a diverse and quality programming, the channel has earned the appreciation and loyalty of its viewers, becoming a window of information and entertainment for all those who live in the region and nearby areas.

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