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RCN News brings you the most updated and relevant information live. Stay informed with our newscasts in real time and enjoy the convenience of watching TV online for free. Tune in to our channel and never miss the most important news of the day!
The TV channel "Noticias RCN" is one of the main news referents in Colombia. With a wide variety of content, this newscast covers national and international current affairs, entertainment, financial markets, politics and economics.

Noticias RCN is broadcast through Canal RCN, RCN HD2 and RCN Nuestra Tele Internacional, which allows its content to reach both national and international audiences. This shows the importance of this newscast as a reliable source of information for Colombians abroad.

With four daily broadcasts from Monday to Friday and two on weekends, Noticias RCN makes sure to keep its audience updated at all times. This demonstrates their commitment to real-time information and the relevance of their breaking news.

The current director of Noticias RCN is José Manuel Acevedo, who leads a team of professionals committed to quality journalism. Under his direction, this newscast has established itself as one of the most important in the country, providing truthful and objective information.

In addition, deputy director Gustavo Nieto Huertas plays a fundamental role in the operation of Noticias RCN. His experience and knowledge in the journalistic field contribute to the excellence of this newscast.

Noticias RCN stands out for its broad and diverse coverage. From political and economic news to entertainment news, this newscast offers a complete panorama of the most relevant events in Colombia and internationally.

Financial information is another of Noticias RCN's strengths. With its coverage of the financial markets, this newscast provides its audience with key data to make informed economic decisions.

In summary, Noticias RCN is a Colombian newscast that has positioned itself as a reliable source of information. Its wide coverage and variety of content make it a benchmark in the national journalistic field. With its team of professionals led by José Manuel Acevedo and Gustavo Nieto Huertas, this newscast has earned the audience's trust, providing quality news in real time.

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