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Discover the best of art, culture and entertainment on Rai 5. Watch free online television and follow your favorite programs live.
Rai 5 is an Italian semigeneralist television channel offering a wide range of cultural content, and is published by Rai and managed by the Rai Cultura structure. It is a channel that caters to an audience interested in art, music, dance, theater, and culture in general.

One of Rai 5's main strengths is its focus on the art world. The channel offers documentaries and reports that delve into various aspects of art, from painting to sculpture, photography to architecture. Through these programs, viewers can immerse themselves in the world of art and discover the great masters and works that have marked history.

In addition to documentaries, Rai 5 also offers culture-related entertainment. Music, for example, is a central element in the channel's programming. Concerts, dance performances, and plays are broadcast, allowing viewers to enjoy live performances right from their living rooms.

Another interesting feature of Rai 5 is the ability to watch television online for free. Thanks to streaming technology, the channel can be accessed through the Rai website or through the RaiPlay application. This option allows viewers to enjoy Rai 5 content anytime and anywhere, without necessarily having to be in front of a TV set.

In addition, Rai 5 also offers a selection of arthouse films belonging mainly to films of the past. This choice aims to satisfy viewers who are fans of art-house films and cinematic works that have left their mark on the history of cinema.

Rai 5's programming schedule is diverse and rich in programs spanning art, music, dance, theater, and cinema. Its cultural offering is a unique opportunity for viewers to enrich their knowledge and enjoy high-quality content.

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