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Watch Rai 1 live and enjoy your favorite programs for free by watching free online television on our TV channel.
Rai 1 - the TV channel that brings Italy into the homes of millions of households.

Rai 1 is the first TV channel of Rai, the Italian public company that is the exclusive concessionaire of Italy's public broadcasting service. With generalist programming designed for families, Rai 1 ranks first in terms of ratings, confirming its position as the most popular channel in Italy.

One of Rai 1's distinctive features is its ability to broadcast images of major national celebrations. Every year, the channel broadcasts live coverage of the Liberation Day celebrations on April 25 and Republic Day on June 2. Thanks to this coverage, Italians can experience these important moments together from the comfort of their television sets.

But Rai 1 is not limited only to national celebrations. Its programming offers a wide range of content from entertainment programs to TV series, from movies to documentaries. This makes Rai 1 a channel suitable for all tastes and different age groups.

Another positive aspect of Rai 1 is the ability to watch television online for free through the streaming service offered on Rai's website. This allows viewers to watch their favorite programs wherever they are, whether on a train ride or a lunch break at the office. The convenience of being able to access Rai 1 content at any time and from any device has certainly contributed to the channel's success.

In addition, Rai 1 offers a wide range of news programs, ranging from daily newscasts to in-depth broadcasts. These programs provide viewers with a broad overview of current events in Italy and around the world, allowing them to stay up-to-date with what is happening.

Rai 1 is the Italian television channel par excellence, with programming to suit all tastes and comprehensive coverage of national celebrations.

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