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Rai Storia is the TV channel that takes you to discover the great events of the past, live. Watch free online television and immerse yourself in history with unique documentaries, programs and insights.
Rai Storia, formerly known as Rai Edu 2, is a free Italian thematic TV channel published by Rai and edited by Rai Cultura. Initially dedicated to scientific and cultural popularization, since February 2, 2009 it has been dealing mainly with history.

Rai Storia broadcasts daily, 24 hours a day, offering viewers a wide range of programs concerning history, along with programs on philosophy, literature and art. This channel offers a wide variety of content that allows audiences to learn more about historical events, important personalities, and cultural issues of national and international significance.

One of Rai Storia's strengths is its ability to offer quality programming, with documentaries and in-depth programs that allow for an engaging and stimulating approach to history. Thanks to its extensive archival collection, Rai Storia offers a unique perspective on past events, giving audiences the opportunity to better understand the present through knowledge of the past.

Another benefit of Rai Storia is the ability to follow live or watch television online for free. This allows viewers to access the channel's content whenever and wherever they are, offering viewing flexibility to suit each individual's needs.

Rai Storia has earned a solid reputation as one of Italy's leading historical news channels. Thanks to its quality programming and wide range of content offered, the channel has become a point of reference for history enthusiasts, students, and all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the past.

Rai Storia is an Italian television channel that offers programming dedicated to history, along with programs on philosophy, literature, and art. With its extensive archival collection and the ability to watch live or watch television online for free, Rai Storia offers viewers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the past in an engaging and flexible way.

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