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Rai 4 is the TV channel you can follow live, offering you the opportunity to watch television online for free. Discover the best series, movies and cultural programs, all from the comfort of your device.
Rai 4 - the TV channel offering cult movies and TV series.

Rai 4 is a semigeneralist television channel published by Rai, the Italian public broadcaster. Its programming is distinguished by broadcasting cult films and television series, as well as exploring new forms of cinema and television.

This channel, broadcast freely over the airwaves, is available on Italian digital terrestrial television in the areas covered by Rai's Mux B (LCN 21). In addition, until February 24, 2014, it was possible to watch Rai 4 streaming on the Internet through Microsoft Silverlight, while from February 24, 2014 onward it is possible to access the channel through Adobe Flash.

Since July 31, 2009, Rai 4 has also been available via satellite on the "up to 2500 characters" television platform. This means that viewers have the opportunity to watch television online for free, without having to pay a subscription or additional fee.

Rai 4's programming focuses mainly on cult movies and television series from around the world. This channel offers its viewers the opportunity to rediscover old classics, but also to approach new film and television products that often do not find a place on traditional channels.

One of Rai 4's strengths is the live broadcast of special events, such as film festivals or previews of films and television series. Thanks to this feature, viewers can experience the excitement of attending these events from the comfort of their own homes.

In addition, Rai 4 is also a channel that takes care to offer its viewers a wide range of on-demand content. Through its website and streaming platform, users can access a wide selection of movies and TV series whenever they wish, allowing them to watch their favorite programs in a flexible and personalized way.

Rai 4 is a television channel distinguished by its programming focused on cult films and television series and its exploration of new forms of film and television.

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