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ETV+ (ETV Pluss) is a prominent Estonian public television channel that has been captivating audiences since its launch on September 28, 2015. With a specific focus on the Russian-speaking population of Estonia, ETV+ stands out as a unique platform for Russian-language programming in the country. Unlike its counterpart ETV2, ETV+ exclusively broadcasts in Russian, providing a rich and diverse content experience for its viewers.

Before the establishment of ETV+, Russian-language programs were aired on the ETV2 channel. However, recognizing the need to cater to the specific linguistic and cultural requirements of the Russian-speaking community in Estonia, ETV+ was introduced as a dedicated channel. This move was aimed at fostering inclusivity and offering a comprehensive media experience to the Russian-speaking population.

In today's digital age, where live streams and online television have become increasingly popular, ETV+ has embraced the technological advancements by providing viewers with the option to watch television online. This allows audiences to access their favorite programs and stay connected with the channel's content from anywhere, at any time. The availability of live streaming ensures that viewers can enjoy a seamless television experience, even if they are not within the reach of a traditional television set.

Despite its efforts to cater to the Russian-speaking population and the convenience of online streaming, ETV+ has faced challenges in gaining popularity among Estonian residents. As of 2018, the channel occupies less than 1% of the potential audience. This low viewership may be attributed to various factors, including language barriers and the preferences of the majority Estonian-speaking population. However, it is important to note that the channel's primary objective is to serve the Russian-speaking community, and its success should be measured within that context.

ETV+ plays a crucial role in providing a platform for Russian-language programming in Estonia. It offers a diverse range of content, including news, current affairs, documentaries, entertainment shows, and cultural programs. This comprehensive programming ensures that the Russian-speaking population has access to information, entertainment, and cultural content that reflects their language and heritage.

The channel's commitment to its target audience is evident in its efforts to engage with the community. ETV+ frequently organizes events, discussions, and talk shows that address issues relevant to the Russian-speaking population in Estonia. These initiatives not only provide a voice to the community but also foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

In conclusion, ETV+ is an Estonian public television channel that caters specifically to the Russian-speaking population in Estonia. With its focus on Russian-language programming and the availability of online streaming, the channel strives to provide a comprehensive media experience to its viewers. While it may not be widely popular among Estonian residents, ETV+ plays a vital role in serving its target audience by offering a platform for Russian-language content and fostering inclusivity within the community.

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