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tvOne is a national television station in Indonesia that has become one of the favorite channels of the Indonesian people. Starting from the use of the name Lativi, this television station was established on July 30, 2002 by Abdul Latief and owned by ALatief Corporation. In the beginning, tvOne had a programming concept that highlighted issues that smelled of clergy, eroticism, crime news, and some other light entertainment.

However, over time, tvOne experienced significant changes in the presentation of its program content. Since 2006, some of tvOne's shares are also owned by the Bakrie Group, which also owns the ANTV television station. With this collaboration, tvOne is growing and expanding its reach in presenting various interesting and quality programs.

One of tvOne's advantages is its ability to present the latest and reliable news to the public. Through news programs such as "Indonesia Lawyers Club" and "Kabar Petang", tvOne is a reliable source of information for the Indonesian people. In addition, tvOne also has interesting entertainment programs such as "Indonesia Mencari Bakat" and "Stand Up Comedy Academy" which have successfully attracted the attention of the audience.

tvOne also presents live streaming tv and watch Online TV services through its digital platform. This allows Indonesians to keep up with their favorite shows anytime and anywhere through electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. With this service, tvOne is getting closer to its audience and providing easy access to them.

In addition, tvOne is also active in inspiring Indonesians aged 15 years and above to be forward-thinking and critical through the educational programs and discussions presented. By presenting various interesting topics such as politics, economics, social, and culture, tvOne strives to increase the awareness and knowledge of the Indonesian people.

In recent years, tvOne has also been active in covering various important events in Indonesia and internationally through live news programs. With this live coverage, tvOne provides accurate and in-depth information to the public so that they can gain a better understanding of the events happening around them.

With a variety of interesting programs, the latest news, and live streaming tv and watch Online TV services, tvOne continues to be one of the television channels loved by the Indonesian people. Through its commitment in presenting quality and relevant content, tvOne has managed to gain a place in the hearts of the Indonesian people and continues to innovate to provide the best viewing experience.

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