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Enjoy a more interactive TV experience with iNews TV through live TV streaming. Watch your favorite TV online anytime and anywhere with clear picture quality. Get the latest news, in-depth information, and interesting programs only on iNews TV.
iNews is a private TV channel in Indonesia that focuses on news content for 24 hours. The channel is owned by Media Nusantara Citra and is one of the largest national television channels in Indonesia with the widest regional network.

iNews TV was first launched on March 5, 2008 under the name SUN TV. Over time, the channel underwent various changes and innovations until it finally changed to iNews TV on April 6, 2015. This change aims to provide fresher and more relevant content to its loyal viewers.

One of the advantages of iNews TV is the live streaming TV feature. This feature allows viewers to watch live broadcasts from this channel via the internet. With live streaming TV, viewers can keep up with the latest news and interesting programs broadcast by iNews TV, wherever and whenever they are.

In addition, iNews TV also provides online TV viewing services. This service allows viewers to watch iNews TV programs online through the official iNews website or mobile application that has been provided. With the online TV viewing service, viewers can easily access the latest and best content from iNews TV without having to be limited by time and place.

iNews TV is also known as the television channel with the most local networks in Indonesia. This means that iNews TV has cooperation with various local television stations in various regions in Indonesia. Through this cooperation, iNews TV can present the latest and best local content from each region to viewers throughout Indonesia. Thus, iNews TV not only provides national information, but also provides information that is relevant to the lives of people in each region.

As a news TV channel, iNews TV is committed to presenting accurate, reliable, and balanced news content. A team of qualified journalists works hard to gather and present the latest news to viewers. In addition, iNews TV also has various news programs and talk shows that present competent and experienced resource persons in their fields.

In this digital era, iNews TV is also active in using social media to interact with viewers. Through iNews TV's official accounts on various social media platforms, viewers can get the latest information, follow interesting events, and participate in discussions and polls held by iNews TV.

Overall, iNews TV is a leading news television channel in Indonesia that presents the latest and best local content from each region.

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