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Don't miss any regional news from Munich! Watch RTL Munich live in stream and experience current programs on sports, politics, business, tabloids and more - all online and free of charge.

RTL Munich is a major regional television station specializing in reporting from and about the Bavarian capital of Munich. As part of the RTL network, the channel offers a diverse program with a focus on local and regional topics of interest to the Munich population.

RTL Munich's broadcast portfolio includes various formats that cover the broad spectrum of life in Munich. The programs include shows on sports, politics, business, O-tones, tabloids, society and current topics from the region. The range of content allows viewers to get a comprehensive picture of what's happening in their city.

One of the most prominent programs on RTL Munich is "Stadtgespräch," hosted by the station's editor-in-chief, Marion Gehlert. In this talk show, current topics and developments in Munich are discussed, with high-ranking guests, including Munich's mayor, regularly taking the floor. The show provides a platform for dialogue and debate on important matters affecting the Munich community.

Another popular program on RTL Munich is "Menschen in München," in which former editor-in-chief Jörg van Hooven conducts interviews with interesting personalities from Munich. These interviews provide insights into the lives and work of people who shape and mold the city.

In addition to the informative programs, RTL Munich also offers entertainment and up-to-date live coverage of events in Munich and the surrounding area. The panorama cams provide fascinating images and insights from different corners of the city.

Another special feature of RTL Munich is the possibility to receive the program free of charge via Internet TV. This makes the channel accessible to a wide audience and allows Munich residents as well as interested people from other regions to follow what's happening in the city.

Overall, RTL München plays a significant role as regional television for Munich. Through engaging reporting, informative talk shows and diverse programming, the station helps strengthen the identity and cohesion of the Munich community and keeps people informed about what's happening in their city.

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