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Rete Oro - A TV Channel that has marked the history of television in Lazio.

Since its debut in 1984, Rete Oro has established itself as one of the most important and influential television stations in Lazio and part of Campania. Founded by the merger of two local broadcasters, Teleromana and R.T.O., the channel has won over audiences with its varied and high-quality programming.

Rete Oro's headquarters is located in Rome, in the prestigious Via Flaminia number 397. This strategic location has enabled the broadcaster to cover the entire region of Lazio and part of Campania, thus reaching a wide audience of viewers.

Since its inception, Rete Oro has distinguished itself for its innovative and impressive programming. In 1984, the channel offered as many as 18 hours of daily programming, thus ensuring a wide range of content to satisfy the tastes of all viewers.

The publisher of Rete Oro is Umberto Tersigni, a highly successful construction contractor. Tersigni is already known for being the founder of Lazio's first private television station and Telejolly. Thanks to his experience in the industry, Tersigni has been able to guide Rete Oro to success, consolidating its position in the regional television landscape.

One of Rete Oro's distinctive features is its production of self-produced programs. Since its inception, the station has invested in the creation of original and quality content, thus offering audiences unique and engaging programming. This choice has allowed Rete Oro to differentiate itself from other television stations and win a loyal and passionate audience.

Rete Oro has always distinguished itself by being at the forefront of television content enjoyment. Thanks to its online platform, the channel offers the opportunity to watch live television for free through the Internet. This innovation has enabled Rete Oro to reach an even wider audience and adapt to the new needs of viewers.

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