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ASTV Television is a captivating television channel offering a unique live streaming experience. With ASTV Television, you can watch TV online, wherever you are, and enjoy a multitude of entertaining, educational and informative programs. Never miss your favorite shows again, thanks to the flexibility offered by ASTV Television live streaming. Discover a new way to watch television online with ASTV Television.
"ASTV, short for Association pour le Soutien de la Télévision Locale de Grande-Synthe, is a local television channel broadcasting throughout the Dunkirk area. The association was created in 1982, and the first programs went on air on December 15, 1983. The official inauguration took place on January 10, 1984, marking the start of a unique television adventure.

ASTV stands out from other local channels in France, as it is the only one to have obtained broadcasting authorization from the Haute Autorité de l'Audiovisuel as early as 1984. This official recognition testifies to the quality and credibility of this channel, which has established itself as a key player on the local media scene.

ASTV's primary vocation is to promote and enhance the town of Grande-Synthe and its surrounding Dunkirk area. To achieve this, the channel offers a wide range of programs reflecting the richness and diversity of the region. From entertainment programs to cultural reports, sports broadcasts and news bulletins, ASTV offers varied, dynamic content that appeals to all audiences.

Thanks to its non-profit status, ASTV enjoys close proximity to the region's inhabitants. The channel gives citizens a voice and invites them to play an active part in local media life. Whether through interactive programs, citizen debates or participatory reporting, ASTV encourages community involvement in the creation and broadcasting of its programs.

Over the years, ASTV has adapted to technological developments and new viewer expectations. The channel has developed a presence on social networks, and also offers an online replay service, enabling viewers to find their favorite programs at any time. This commitment to innovation and accessibility testifies to the modernity and dynamism of this local channel.

ASTV is the only local TV channel of its kind in France. Since its creation in 1982, it has established itself as a major player on the Dunkirk media scene, thanks to the diversity of its programs, its proximity to local residents and its adaptability to new technologies. Over and above its television dimension, ASTV contributes to the enhancement and promotion of the town of Grande-Synthe and its surrounding area, thus showcasing all the richness of this region.

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