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Country:  Russia
Category: Entertainment
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Образ на детский день рождения за 15 тысяч рублей | Богиня шопинга | 3 сезон 13 выпуск
100 тысяч за тайскую паэлью с соусом карри и морепродуктами | Моя жена рулит | 2 сезон 36 выпуск
100 тыс рублей за свинину в специях том ям с капустой кольраби | Моя жена рулит | 2 сезон 35 выпуск
Образ на предложение руки и сердца за 15 тысяч рублей | Богиня шопинга | 3 сезон 12 выпуск

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Saturday! Live Stream

"Saturday!" - All-Russian entertainment channel.
Began test broadcasting on December 15, 2017. On January 1, 2018, it entered the main broadcast under the name "Super", positioning itself as a romantic comedy channel for family viewing. The target audience was viewers from 14 to 44 years old, and its core was young families with children.
“Saturday!” include millions of students, housewives and just bright representatives of the fair sex of our country. There is no violence here and everything is saturated with romance, even detectives, fantasy and mysticism.
Philosophy of “Saturday!” - pleasure. This is exactly what the channel's slogan sounds like: "Watch for pleasure!". The TV channel visualized the ideal girl's room - here she can be alone, with her friends or a cat. Can sit in pajamas or expensive clothes, eat doshirak or foie gras. For any mood on the channel there is suitable content. With "Saturday!" you can spend the day the way you want!

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