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Discover TFX TV, the must-have TV channel for watching your favorite shows live streaming! Enjoy the convenience of watching TV online, wherever you are, whenever you want. Immerse yourself in a world rich in entertainment, with captivating reality shows, exciting series and exclusive films. Don't miss a single episode of your favorite programs thanks to TFX TV and its live streaming. Don't wait any longer, log on and embark on a unique TV experience on TFX TV online!
TFX (NT1) is a French national general-interest commercial TV channel belonging to the TF1 Group. Created in 2005 under the name NT1, the channel has undergone significant evolution and retained its name until January 30, 2018. The channel is available on free DTT, cable, satellite, xDSL and the Internet, making it highly accessible to viewers.

TFX offers generalist programming 24 hours a day, covering a wide range of genres such as films, series, magazines, news, cartoons and sport. The channel draws on the TF1 Group's program catalog to offer a variety of entertaining and informative content to its audience.

In addition to its varied programming, TFX also offers a number of sports events, with a particular focus on motor sports. Since 2009, the channel has been broadcasting MotoGP races, giving motorcycle enthusiasts the chance to follow their favorite riders in action. This sports coverage reinforces the diversity of TFX's programming and attracts a specific audience interested in motor sports.

TFX has succeeded in positioning itself as a key general-interest channel in France thanks to its varied programming and sports coverage. By offering a wide range of content, the channel succeeds in attracting a diverse audience, from film and series fans to sports enthusiasts.

With its presence on different broadcast platforms, TFX ensures that it is accessible to all viewers, whether they prefer to watch traditional television or opt for online streaming services. This accessibility strengthens the channel's reach and enables it to reach a wider audience.

In conclusion, TFX (NT1) is a French national general-interest commercial TV channel belonging to the TF1 Group. Thanks to its program variety and sports coverage, the channel manages to attract a wide audience and stand out in the French TV market. With its presence on various broadcast platforms, TFX also guarantees maximum accessibility for its viewers.

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