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Watch live on NTM channel People's Television of Mordovia and enjoy the opportunity to watch TV online. Get up-to-date news, interesting programs and entertainment shows right at home!
NTM" TV channel - People's Television of Mordovia - is a 24/7 HD TV channel that started its broadcasting in March 2017 in the capital of Mordovia and in urban areas of the republic. This channel combines a spectrum of all-Russian television content, offering viewers a variety of feature films, documentaries, sports, entertainment and development programs. In addition, "NTM" also produces its own programs, the number of which is constantly growing.

The main task of "NTM" is to inform the public quickly and in detail about all important events in the country and abroad. The channel strives to be accessible to everyone and anyone, providing a variety of content that can interest a wide audience. Thanks to live broadcasting and the possibility to watch television online, viewers can keep abreast of the latest news and events taking place in Mordovia and in the world at any convenient time.

One of the features of NTM is its commitment to presenting a variety of program content. Here you can find historical documentaries that allow you to dive into the past and learn more about our country and the world. Also on the channel you can find a lot of feature films that will delight movie lovers. Sports programs will allow viewers to be aware of the latest sports events and achievements of athletes. Entertainment programs will allow you to relax and enjoy watching.

In addition, "NTM" is actively developing its own production of programs to offer viewers unique content specially created for the region. This allows the channel to be closer to its audience and respond to its interests and needs.

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