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Watch TV online on Channel 1 First. Enjoy live streaming and the best programs right now.
Channel One. World Wide Web: spreading Russian television around the world

TV channel "First Channel. World Wide Web is a subsidiary of the famous Russian TV channel Pervyi Kanal. It is responsible for the distribution of Channel One's television signal outside Russia. Established in 1995, the company "ORTV-Region" was given the task of developing foreign broadcasting.

Today "First Channel. World Network" broadcasts from a modern on-air complex and broadcasts its programs in 190 countries in five versions, taking into account the difference in time zones. This allows viewers around the world to keep up to date with the latest news, events and popular TV programs offered by "Channel One".

Channel One programs are available in the CIS, Europe, Asia, America, as well as in Australia and Israel. Wherever there is a need for high quality television in Russian, viewers can enjoy Channel One programs. This is especially relevant for Russian-speaking communities abroad who want to keep abreast of events in Russia and watch popular Russian shows.

In a number of CIS countries, Channel One is broadcast not only through traditional means such as satellite and cable television, but also through online platforms. Live streaming allows viewers to watch television online in real time, making access to Channel One programs even more convenient and flexible.

"Channel One. World Network" is actively developing its presence abroad, striving to offer viewers high-quality television in Russian anywhere in the world. Thanks to advanced technologies and wide audience coverage, this TV channel has become an indispensable source of information and entertainment for many Russian-speaking viewers around the world.

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