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Watch RTP 1 live for free. The RTP 1 television channel offers a diverse program, from news, entertainment, series and much more. Enjoy watching live TV for free and don't miss your favorite shows.
RTP1 is the main television channel of Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, being also the first Portuguese radio and television channel. With a varied and diversified programming, this generalist channel has a commercial component, privileging national fiction, information, sports and entertainment.

RTP's experimental broadcasts began on September 4, 1956, at the former Feira Popular facilities in Lisbon. Since then, RTP1 has played a fundamental role in the lives of the Portuguese, offering them the possibility to watch live programs, ranging from soap operas and successful series, to information and entertainment programs.

One of the great advantages of RTP1 is the possibility to watch live TV for free, through its official website or other streaming platforms. This allows viewers to follow all programs, sporting events and news in real time, without the need to be in front of the television.

National fiction is one of RTP1's big bets, with quality productions that have won over the audience over the years. Novels such as "Bem-vindos a Beirais" and "Vila Faia" were real successes, keeping viewers loyal to the channel.

In addition to fiction, RTP1 also stands out in the information area, with programs such as "Telejornal" and "Jornal da Tarde". These programs aim to inform viewers about the most relevant events in the country and the world, with exemplary journalistic rigor.

In sports, RTP1 broadcasts several live events, from soccer matches to athletics competitions. Through RTP1, sports fans have the opportunity to watch their favorite games and competitions, without missing any important move.

Entertainment is also a priority for RTP1, with programs such as "The Voice Portugal" and "Aqui Portugal" winning over audiences. These programs provide moments of fun and relaxation to viewers, becoming true phenomena of popularity.

However, despite having been the first leading channel in audiences until 1995, RTP1 currently occupies the third place in this ranking. Competition with other channels has been increasingly fierce, which has led to a decrease in RTP1's market share.

Despite this, RTP1 remains a reference channel in Portugal, with a diversified and quality programming. The possibility of watching free live TV, combined with the offer of relevant and attractive content, makes RTP1 continue to be a popular choice among Portuguese viewers.

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