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Watch the RTP Africa TV channel live for free. Enjoy a diverse program that includes news, documentaries, series and much more, all broadcast in real time. Tune in to African culture and stay on top of continental happenings through this unmissable channel.
RTP Africa is a generalist television channel co-produced by RTP for the inhabitants of the African lusophone countries, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe. With its own programming adjusted to the African reality, RTP Africa broadcasts 24 hours a day to Portuguese-speaking African countries through different platforms.

One of the advantages of the channel is the possibility to watch live television for free, providing viewers with the opportunity to follow the latest news, educational programs, series and much more. With a wide range of content, RTP Africa brings a variety of programs from both Portuguese public and private television, as well as African public television.

Through RTP Africa, viewers have access to diverse programming, which includes informative programs, series, cartoons, documentaries and cultural programs. In addition, the channel also broadcasts programs and series produced in the destination countries themselves, offering a closer look at the local reality.

RTP Africa's live broadcast allows viewers to follow current events in real time, whether it is a press conference, a soccer match or special coverage of an important event. This provides a more immersive and up-to-date experience for viewers, keeping them informed about what is happening in their region and around the world.

In addition to broadcasting programs and series, RTP Africa also plays an important role in promoting African culture. The channel dedicates a significant portion of its programming to documentaries and cultural programs that explore the traditions, history and inspiring stories of African Lusophone countries. This helps preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of these regions.

RTP Africa also offers a platform for viewers to connect and interact with the channel. Through social media and other communication channels, viewers can submit questions, comments and even participate in polls and contests. This creates a more engaging and interactive environment, allowing viewers to feel part of the RTP Africa community.

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