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BR Fernsehen Süd

BR Fernsehen Süd Live Stream

"BR Fernsehen Süd" - Experience the programme from the south of Bavaria live! Watch the live stream of BR Fernsehen Süd online and enjoy a wide variety of content, from informative programmes to exciting entertainment formats, conveniently from anywhere.

Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) is a major state broadcasting corporation in the Free State of Bavaria with its headquarters in Munich. As a member of the Association of Public Broadcasting Corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD), BR plays an important role in the German media landscape. It has the legal form of an institution under public law and is one of the largest public broadcasters in Germany, after WDR, SWR and NDR.

BR operates various television channels, including "BR Fernsehen Süd". This channel focuses on content from the southern part of Bavaria and offers a wide range of programmes. According to the channel's own information, about two thirds of the programmes on BR Fernsehen fall into the information category, which means that the focus is on informative and journalistic content.

BR Fernsehen Süd's programming includes a variety of formats, including news programmes, reports, documentaries, cultural features and entertainment shows. The regional focus keeps viewers informed about current events and relevant topics from the southern part of Bavaria.

With the live stream of BR Fernsehen Süd, viewers have the opportunity to follow the station's programme online and thus access the content while on the move. Whether it's the latest news, exciting reports or entertaining shows - the broad range offers something for every taste.

Bayerischer Rundfunk is known for its journalistic quality and its regional references. Thanks to its many years of experience and its presence in the region, BR is a reliable source of information and entertainment for the people of Bavaria and beyond. BR Fernsehen Süd" offers a diverse programme that provides an insight into the varied culture and events in the southern part of Bavaria.

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