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The M4 Sport TV channel offers sports fans free live coverage and online TV. Discover your favourite sporting events on M4 Sport and enjoy the convenience of following the latest sporting events for free, anywhere, anytime.
M4 Sport was launched as the sports channel of Duna Media on 18 July 2015. M4 Sport is one of the most popular television channels in Hungary, specialising in sports events. The channel broadcasts events of the 16 main Hungarian sports disciplines as well as international sporting events. It also presents our outstanding Hungarian athletes and broadcasts their competitions and championships.

M4 Sport also produces in-house programmes, detailing the lives of athletes, their training and competitions. These programmes are very popular as they provide an insight into the everyday lives and motivations of athletes.

M4 Sport provides around 10 hours of live sports coverage every day. This means that viewers can enjoy the latest sporting events at almost any time. Thanks to the live coverage, viewers can experience the excitement of the competitions from the spot and witness the successes and failures of the athletes.

M4 Sport's live coverage is similar to that of M1 Current Affairs, as both channels have a large, state-of-the-art studio from which to broadcast. M4 Sport presented its studio, which is equipped with modern technology and allows for quality broadcasts, in the first hour of the programme.

But M4 Sport's popularity is not only due to its live broadcasts. The channel also offers an online platform where viewers can watch the programmes for free. This allows them to follow their favourite sporting events anywhere and anytime, even from their mobile phones or computers.

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