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Discover Weo TV, the live-streaming regional TV channel that lets you watch TV online. Enjoy a variety of programs, from local news and cultural programs to exclusive reports on the region. Never miss a local event again, thanks to our live streaming, wherever you are. Join us now and immerse yourself in the heart of your region through online television on Weo TV.

WéoTV, or simply Wéo, is a mixed local general-interest TV channel broadcasting in the Nord département and part of the Pas-de-Calais département. Owned by Images en Nord, Wéo was launched on April 17, 2009 on channel 30 of digital terrestrial television, formerly channel 20 until December 12, 2012.

What sets Wéo apart is its 100% Picardy programming. The channel offers a wide range of news, entertainment, sports and discussion programs, all in Picardy. This initiative highlights the region's culture and language, offering viewers a unique experience.

The concept of the Picardy version of Wéo is similar to that of its Nord-Pas-de-Calais counterpart. The channel aims to promote local talent, inform on regional news and entertain the region's inhabitants. By offering varied, high-quality programming, Wéo targets a wide audience, highlighting the region's particularities and riches.

WéoTV's programming includes local news programs that keep viewers informed about events and issues that concern them directly. Reports on a variety of subjects, exclusive interviews and lively debates are an integral part of the programming schedule.

When it comes to entertainment, Wéo offers a diversity of programs to delight young and old alike. Cultural programs highlighting the region's heritage, discovery programs on local produce and gastronomy, as well as games and music programs are all part of the channel's must-see programming.

Wéo doesn't forget sports fans either. The channel offers live coverage of local sporting events, highlighting local teams and athletes. Special programs dedicated to sport also enable viewers to relive the best moments of competitions and follow regional sports news.

In conclusion, WéoTV is a mixed local general-interest TV channel offering rich and diverse programming. With its 100% Picardy program, it highlights regional culture and enables the inhabitants of Nord and Pas-de-Calais to feel fully represented through their language and identity. Thanks to its varied content, Wéo has established itself as an essential reference for viewers in search of information, entertainment and proximity.

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