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TV channel o2tv is a youth music and entertainment channel, which is characterized by brightness and informality. O2tv is a television for thinking modern viewers who are interested in science, art, music and mass media. This channel is a link between the viewer, who actively lives in social networks, and the adherents of the traditional format of television.

O2tv is a young, original and fresh channel, which corresponds to the audience for which it was created. It started its broadcasting on July 1, 2004 and initially positioned itself as a music TV channel. Its air contained a lot of interactive entertainment and music programs that attracted the attention of viewers.

However, in the fall of 2006 o2tv carried out a large-scale rebranding. The channel moved to a new level, offering its viewers not only music and entertainment, but also live broadcasts and the opportunity to watch television online. This allowed o2tv channel to become even more accessible and interesting for its audience.

O2tv offers a wide range of programs that will satisfy the interests of a variety of viewers. Here you can find programs about science and art, music videos and concerts, various entertainment shows and documentaries. Channel o2tv tries to cover all areas of interest of its audience, so that every viewer can find something for themselves.

Live broadcasts and the ability to watch TV online make o2tv even more attractive to young people who actively use the Internet and social networks. Here they can keep up to date with the latest news, events and trends without taking a break from their favorite programs and shows.

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