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Tyumenskoye Vremya

Tyumenskoye Vremya Live Stream

Tyumenskoe Vremya" is a TV channel offering live broadcasting and the opportunity to watch TV online. Stay up to date with the latest news and interesting programs, enjoying the comfort of watching directly from your device.
Tyumenskoe Vremya TV channel is one of the mandatory and public channels available on 21 buttons of cable operators. It started its broadcasting on February 1, 2011, combining several local TV channels - Studio TRTR, TRTR-29, STS-Ladia and TTT-23 channel.

The main goal of Tyumensky Vremya is to provide viewers with a diverse program that will meet their interests and needs. The channel airs news, analytical and informative programs, talk shows, as well as live broadcasts of sports and cultural events. Thanks to this variety of content, every viewer will be able to find something interesting for him/herself.

One of the features of Tyumensky Vremya is the possibility to watch its programs online. Thanks to this, viewers can watch their favorite programs at a convenient time and place. This is especially convenient for those who do not have constant access to a TV set or prefer to watch TV on their mobile devices.

In February 2017, Tyumenskoe Vremya TV channel was selected as the mandatory publicly available regional TV channel of the Tyumen Region by the decision of the Federal TV and Radio Broadcasting Competition Commission. This means that it is available to all residents of the region and does not require additional payment or connection of special cable TV packages.

In October 2019, Tyumenskoe Vremya carried out a cardinal rebranding. This means that the TV channel underwent significant changes in its appearance and program format. The rebranding helped the channel to renew itself and attract new viewers, as well as retain its existing audience.

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